Thursday, October 03, 2013

My most amazing ROCKSTAR Boyfriend.


Brad Holder's Stay the Night Music video is FINALLY released!!
I'm a bit super excited 

a) Because he's amazing, and 
b) Because I'm in the video too :D
Watch this video, share it with EVERYONE you know, and let me know how much you love it!

His song is also available on iTunes and Triple J Unearthed... Basically everywhere....

And check out his official >>>website<<<!!! 

And sign up for triple j unearthed to give him a review! Seriously, it helps SO much in pushing him up the unearthed charts! >>This<< is his profile!

Then of course, grab it on iTunes!

And go crazy!!!

This song is the story of us, and it's so special to me. It's become an amazing part of who we are, both the lyrics themselves, and the production of the song and clip have been adventures for us. I know I'm biased, but my guy is amazing, and I would love for the rest of the world to know that!

In the words of my man... Peace out!!