Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finished purse parade

Hooray! I love them all! The last one has already been given as a gift and I believe has a truly loving home! 
The rest will be potentially for sale at the next local markets (although, not the markets that is only a few days away)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden love

I love my snow peas!!

A forest of carrots keeps the capsicum plant cosy 

The chilli is peppered with tiny white flowers

A happy pot of capsicums

Funny looking baby spinach. Not sure what's going on, but happy to wait and see (lots of flower looking things??) 

The friendly neighborhood flock of flamingoes

Thai basil

Coriander (so yum!!)

Greek oregano 



And the surviving rose! My second rose has turned her toes up, very sad. 

The oregano, basil and coriander have already become my favourites when cooking (which is why I chose those three!) and I'm looking forward to the tomato crop once it begins! I gave them all a good drink of seasol the other day, I am also going to look into some mulch this weekend to keep the water in the soil.  

Sewing Saturday!

I was home alone all day yesterday- I made the most of it!! 
4 half finished purses have been completed, 1 I had pre-cut is finished and another is waiting on a zipper to finish the last pocket. 
I started another, but after a wonky seam at 1am I thought my brain probably wasn't putting in enough effort. 

My beautiful old Elna was struggling to puncture the layers of fabric, despite a new needle, I think she may have been warm after extended use, so I decided to make a knit dress on the overlocker to give my girl some cool down time! I have much to learn on the overlocker, I know it's capable of so much, but it needs a better driver than me to achieve that. 
Little Elna doesn't have a "knit stitch" so I used a zig zag to turn the neck and arm hole hems, it looks a bit funny, but I'm not sure how else I can achieve that with what I have. 

"SwampJuice" by Bunk Puppets was on at the theatre yesterday evening, it was a hilarious shadow puppet show with a 3D bit!!! It was awesome, and incredible to have good ol' red and green 3D glasses and lights and stuff! 

More photos will be taken at some point.... 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Finding time

Yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer, my machine came out of the cupboard and has taken over the dining table! I've posted photos of a strange orange/coral pyramid... I need to put a little bag of sand in it- it'll be a door stop! I'm fed up with the internal doors slamming in the breeze when the front and back doors are open. 
The fabric is pretty heavy. I'm debating making several more the same or whether I should use different fabrics- I have white fabric of a similar weight... White is not going on the floor! 

I am drafting a bodice for a dress for a friend, I chopped up a sheet last night, but I need her here for a fitting before I go any further with that. 

I've pre washed and folded my most recent fabric order... Now to iron/and/or/store it... 

It took forever to find my bag of begun projects, but I discovered lots of possibilities in the process. I cut out 2 skirts and a dress, and the indigenous art fabric for my partner's boss' purse. 
I think there's a bit more cutting to do, then I'll have to a mass zipper order! And now that I have my bag of started projects, I really need to start finishing them! 

I do have difficulty with having a housemate and not having space to sew, constantly feeling like I am in the way.
A wonderful friend convinced me to just pull out my machine and growl at all who oppose me! I have incredible and inspiring friends. 

I helped my guy with cleaning and organizing last night and didn't get to bed until after 2... It's been a very long day! I think it's safer if I don't touch my beautiful projects when I'm this tired! 

A thousand words

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Weekends are the best!

Breakfast with my man, on the deck at the Silver Star. Perfect. 
I love my life! 

Yesterday arvo I stopped in at the hardware store on the way home from work and picked up some tomato seedlings, potting mix, a few pots and some rose fertilizer, and rose bug/disease spray. 
There were no black pots, so now my cheap placcy pots are in green and black... Oh well! 

Beautiful Roma tomatoes, 8 seedlings, I'll most likely separate each one in to it's own pot in time :) 

My roses have also been transplanted, I am hoping they will thrive in bigger pots. Eventually I'll get them pretty pots, but first they can get healthy :) 

Tonight is Mikey and Elle's farewell Mexican fiesta, so it's almost time to start pumping out tacos to feed the hordes, and finish Jess's fascinator... Somehow I don't think I'm getting any sewing done this weekend... But it's still going to rock. 

Happy weekend everyone!