Thursday, July 31, 2014

Snow Pea!

Wednesday madness!

It's been a crazy day! A load of towels in the machine before work, then food shopping and hanging out the towels at lunch time, after work some fascinator play and a work education night, before a few hours in the kitchen! 
Cake and icing are both made, they just need to be added together tomorrow, chicken is marinating ready for tandoori pizza tomorrow! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hats, plants, and fabric

Last night I played with my new supplies, trying new techniques and this was the result.
Nothing is glued, still waiting on the rest of the supplies. 
This morning I got some "after" photos of my yard tidying. Still not quite beautiful, but looking better. 

My new roses are happy 

AND! Today my fabric order arrived! 

There is an awesome selection, I'm really happy with it. This week is going to be absolutely crazy with functions and events to attend, but I am going to do my best to get some forward motion on these projects! 

Bible study tonight was awesome, really looking forward to delving into "His needs, Her needs" to identify how to really love someone by fulfilling their needs, the things that bring them the most joy. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday madness!

I had an AWESOME day! 
My millinery order arrived at lunch time 
(But not the flowers) 
As well as some white trim which somehow avoided this photo which was thrown in complimentary. It's so wonderful, I'm so excited to play and create! 
My fabric order should also be here this week, apparently not until Friday though :( there are a few more bits in that for my fascinating fascinator encounter! 

Also WE HAVE HOT WATER AGAIN! Right after writing this out, I'm off for the best shower I've had in seemingly forever! 

And! This arvo I knocked off work, did the food shopping, then got stuck into the piles of leaves, branches, and rubbish in the back yard, and weeding the gravel beside the lawn. So rewarding! Rippy helped, as always. 

Helpful Rippy is chewing up his treasures, eventually they might even fit in the bin! 

I'd love to compost more, but our gardens are a foot deep in rocks, which doesn't lend itself to mulching all that well... So I'll do my best just to keep the rocks tidy instead! 

Happy Monday! Have an awesome Tuesday! 

Sunday Funday

Mikey, Brad (my guy), and Greg 
PH factor, Esplanade Hotel, 4:30-8:30 Sunday arvo. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The garden overhaul has begun!

It was very remiss of me not to have taken "before" photos, but none the less, the makeover has begun! 
I am so happy to have a working lawn mower, even when the lawn didn't look too bad, a quick mow and it looks a million bucks :) 
After the mowing, I cut down the 4 coffee bean trees that were growing in the front yard. They are a horrible weed and I'm going to try poison them with roundup, but if that doesn't work, I'll have to buy some poison to finish them off. 
Our wonderful neighbour saw me in the garden and offered to take anything to the tip if I needed, as he was planning on going anyway. Such a God send! He hadn't even seen all the tree cuttings I had  piled up on the driveway. It really was such a blessing!  
I then spent a couple of hours pulling out weeds filling up a whole garden bag, until the sun was enjoying my skin too much. There is still a lot of grass in the garden bed, which will need some roundup, but I promise it's soooo amazing compared to what it had been. 

My bag of weeds got got... 

After an invigorating shower (due to no gas meaning no hot water) I set off on another adventure... Plant hunting! 

I love the idea of some wild hibiscus to put in pots along the front and back fences. Something to create a screen for some privacy and also be beautiful. 

Off I went to nursery #1... Only to find it's shut down, very sad, I loved it there! 
Nursery #2 had a big sign out the front - "we've moved!" 
I did locate them in the end, and I didn't find any wild hibiscus, or any similar plants that inspired me. The fruit trees were tempting, but at $55 each, they were more than I needed to spend on plants that weren't on the shopping list. 

I did however find a pallet on the way in, marked "clearance, prices as marked" and two twiggy plants with familiar shaped leaves. And $2 scrawled on their pots.... 
And as a result, I rescued 2 chameleon roses! Apparently these tiny roses change colour, yellows, pinks, reds, oranges and whites. They aren't fragrant, which is a huge shame to me, how can you stop to smell roses that don't smell? 
But I will love them and hope they flourish! 

My other plants are doing well- the chilli plant even has a flower!! 

My lovely helper! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've done my tax return, got my tax back, paid my debts off and now I'm back to buying fabric!
I have a few projects churning around in my mind, waiting for supplies to arrive!

A fascinator for my friend for race day
Cushions for the couch
Throw pillows for the bed
Cloth serviettes to match the table linen
A few more skirts for work and just for skirts
Some kids toys for a family who's moving truck was in a roll over

As well as my usual need for dresses, tops, skirts, and my purses.

I'm checking my email constantly, waiting for the shipping notifications on my orders... I'll be stalking the mail man!

Happy Making everyone!

My Garden!

Today was my first pay day in many months, I was so excited to see money in my bank account! So, as soon as my lunch break came, I was off to the hardware store!

4 bags of potting mix (put in my car by the lovely young man at the Home Hardware)
1 tub of fertiliser
1 tiny trowel
1 pack of tomato stakes
1 pruning saw
1 hacksaw

Photobombed by a big puppy nose!

I (safely) rushed home and remembered how crooked the driveway is as I reversed my car up to the gate... If I had to go any further than that with the potting mix, it would have had to wait until someone strong came to help! 
I potted like a mad woman! My lunch break was ticking away, but my beautiful little plants needed proper pots, and it could wait no longer! 
Gardening gloves on and handy new trowel, no one could stop me!

A little fertilizer, some water, and a prime position on the edge of the patio. 

Leaving just enough time to scoff some left overs for lunch and hurry back to work. (And I made it pretty much on time! Yay!) 

After work I used my trusty new hack saw to cut some curtain rod to length to fit in the windows by the doors in the living room. Mum was bored one day, so worked on getting the sheer curtins the right width and hemming them for me. 
And here we are, terrible photos, but they will do for now! 

Just enough to let the light in, but make it harder for people to see in. Especially if there is light outside. :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Back in Paradise

Home is where your heart is, and mine is always in the Pilbara, it is SO good to be home!
It has been gorgeous weather, 29 degrees at 4pm the afternoon we drove in! Last night was chilly, but only if you were outside (which I did happen to be...)
It has been go, go, go since arriving, firstly unpacking the car, picking up Rippy dog from his holiday at MIL's house, then working out where on earth all this stuff is going that was unpacked from the car and thrown in a pile (in an already untidy area...) 

But we got there! And even managed to have a decent night's sleep before my first day back at work!
The shed is piled high with fabric and sewing supplies, waiting for me to be organised enough to do some sewing, loads and loads of washing all done and put away, dusting, vacuuming, tidying... It's getting there!

My Rockstar has cooked for me 2 nights in a row, he really is incredible! We have been able to eat at the table with it's gorgeous new hot pink linen table cloth! My seedlings are loving living on the back table... I need to get some potting mix, sooner rather than later! And I've been wearing my new skirts to work, I love them!
Shopping and cleaning this weekend, as well as many plans for future projects!

Happy Creating!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Packing day

Tomorrow is road trip day! It's been a stressful afternoon attempting to cram all of my worldly possessions into my tiny car, but my super hero, rock star boyfriend managed to make the majority of it fit (yay) some things didn't make the cut- such as my rose cuttings. I'm hoping that mum will be able to keep them alive for me. My paintings in progress didn't fit either, but my paints have, so I'll just have to start fresh. 

Before packing we had a wonderful morning at church, c3 joondalup were incredibly hospitable and both the worship and fellowship were heartwarming and inspiring. From there we took a lovely stroll around bunnings, picking up a piece of MDF for a project we have planned (stick around, all will be revealed) and then in to the city to pick up a router for my Rockstar's new sound desk, and get the battery replaced in my phone (exciting!) 

Since my last post I have actually managed to do some crafting, I finished off this dress FINALLY! 
Sorry about the blurry photo. This is before I finished the hem I think. As soon as it was done I had to rush out, proper "complete" photos to come! 

And I have 3/4 finished a little roll for my sewing supplies. I think there may be a tutorial for this one day- keep watching this space! 

The next 2 days will be driving, then back to work and it'll take time to get myself sorted out and back into the swing of things. I haven't deserted you, I'll just be temporarily offline! 
God bless! 

Friday, July 04, 2014

Machine Embroidery

Mum's machine was having issues, so I decided to have a play, see what I could get done. Not too bad.