Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday! (UPDATED)

Happy Monday everyone!

Update: I'm on my computer now, so I can add in some photos!!
Sailor Shorts

I spent my day sewing, got an bit done, and I have managed to slice my hands with the pins... Clever me!
 I started sewing together a pair of shorts that I'd cut previously. I've overlocked around the edges of all the pieces. HOW did I live before having an overlocker! Seriously makes everything SO much easier!
I was working on these because I'd told myself I was going to make 5 dresses and 5 purses, and that seemed hard, so I did some housework and then started on these guys. I need to make some bias binding to go around the front before I can do any more on them. Not really a tricky task, just time consuming (and my brain needs to be functioning!)

Pinning requires chocolate and tea



I spent a long while pinning the darts in the bodice, skirt and lining pieces of the 4 dresses I'm making from the same pattern (McCalls M6699). I've been working on one of the dresses, a white one. 
It's not bad so far, I've since taken out the skirt seams a smidgen for a bit more space, the lining is ready once the seams are acceptable, and that will finish it off nicely. I have lining for the skirt of this dress too, even though it's not a requirement, as I didn't want to rely on the white being opaque under all lights. 

The sewing machine and I were had our differences for a couple of hours, so I decided to play with some other fabric to make couch cushions. I followed this tutorial and I used the overlocker to put them together.

At some point in the future I'll make backings and stuff them, and they will have a pretty button in the middle.
Let's hope tomorrow is even more productive! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bunnings Shopping!!

What do we get at bunnings?

An Ironing Board...

Ooh look, foldable "cones"? Fancy! What could I use them for....

 Pots, Plants

More seedlings!
And check out those retaining wall bricks...  
We will file their existence into the back of our minds... 
they could be handy for planting things in...
And today I pruned my roses and potted some cuttings. I read/heard somewhere that putting honey on the bottom of the cutting, planting it, and watering it all winter should help it to take by spring. That would be awesome! Rest up my pretties, be strong for spring!

We also acquired a couple of water features, one for inside and one outside. The outside one will be just outside the kitchen, surrounded by a herb garden. Very excited to get that underway!

Late night sewing

After inspiration struck late last night, I rummaged through my fabric collection and this was the result: 
Hopefully this will make a beautiful 2 year old very happy for her birthday! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's the weekend!!

Today was a good day, after a warm, lazy morning (in my "bed" on the kitchen floor), I did a little tidying up and some washing, and I've been organizing myself to spend several months in Hedland, packing up painting supplies, fabric, all sorts of things! Seriously looking forward to the warmer weather!! 

Another busy 24 hours

So with very little sleep I have finished 4 NCW purses, 4 teardrop bags, and 2 messenger/laptop bags of my own design- stay tuned for a tutorial when I make the next one- and 4 more purses that are waiting for zipper pockets and then they will be complete too. (I have zippers now, it's just a matter of time!) 
I met my amazing man yesterday at the airport while he had a brief stop over on the way to a conference in frosty Hobart. After that, I had a nap, back to the sewing today! 

My Star Wars lined laptop bag! I got the Star Wars fabric from etsy well over a year ago, all this time it's been waiting to be made into a bag! I bought batman fabric at the same time, which was made into a bag for my man almost straight away, after being used every day since, it's looking a bit worse for wear, so I managed to find some Power Rangers fabric, also from etsy. 

I finished making it with just enough time to shower and meet him at the airport for lunch between flights. When he returns from the conference I'll make sure I get better photos than just this one! 

Yellow, green, purple and pink matching bag/purse sets! Plus 4 (mostly pink) purses waiting for their zipper pockets. 

I was getting a bit fancy with my top stitching... 

And then realized I had failed to put the magnetic snap in the flap before attaching it. 
Major frustration. 
So, I unpicked the top of the flap in hope that I could just top stitch it back, good as new... 

Weeelllll.... It isn't quite good as new, back to the drawing board... 

I slept in the kitchen last night, little foam mattress on the floor, because my poor puppy (13 1/2 years old is still a puppy) isn't well, and needed help getting up to go out every hour or so- he would do the same for me if I was sick. 
He seems to be feeling a bit better this morning. 
Beautiful puppy last night <3 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Australia's biggest morning tea

This morning we hosted Australia's biggest morning tea to raise money for the cancer council, and my daffodil tea cosies finally got to shine! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tomorrow is tea.

Finally finished off the blue daffodil cosy! 

Friday sewday

Well, the water was out for most of the day, my morning shower was at 6pm... But it was a productive day none the less and I really enjoyed it! My pile of garments requiring zippers is growing...