Friday, October 10, 2014

Arts Summit

Today was the last day at work for two weeks! YAY!
Next week we are off on an exciting adventure to the middle of WA - Kalgoorlie!
What is it, You may ask, that we adventure to this great land for? Why the Regional Arts Australia Summit! Days upon days of people from all over the arts world, gathering in one place and sharing their incredible knowledge. I must say I'm pretty excited. 
I've never been to anything like it before, and as a result I am a bit nervous, what will it be like? Who will I know? Who will I talk to? What should I wear? 
But I know once I'm there it'll be amazing. And Brad has helped me choose some dresses from my wardrobe that he thinks will be awesome conference attire, he's pretty awesome. 
I am hoping that when I get back from the conference I'll be really pumped up and motivated to produce some incredible art works- it's been a while since any inspiration took physical form. 
I'm also looking forward to hearing about the way that regional artists market themselves and their work. 

To "celebrate" the occasion, I've signed up to Twitter, apparently everything at conferences is in Twitter. So I'm @jacquicopeman on Twitter if you feel the desire to follow 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

How many sleeps until Christmas??

The count down is on! And more so because I want to make most of my gifts this year! I've made my list, I'm checking it twice... Hopefully I'll have the right bits and pieces for everything I want to make. I've got a few trips away over the next couple of months, and then my family is celebrating Christmas in the second week of December... Which is even sooner! 
The to do list involves:
Sewing purses and bags
Sewing a blanket
Sewing scarves 
Sewing table linen
 And working out what else I need to get for the remaining friends and family! It's not easy! 
But all that is really important is that the Saviour was born. And as long as we remember that, none of the rest of it matters! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grow little garden!

My tomatoes are coming along great guns! The plants aren't very big, but there are lots of big green tomatoes! The chillis are going red, the snow peas that died have self seeded and there are tiny seedlings growing in that pot, which now also houses one of the little tomato seedlings that survived the dog pee attack! 
There is a second capsicum plant that is actually growing capsicum, rather than banana peppers, and the chameleon rose has 3 more buds! 


I wasn't overly fond of the dining chairs we bought second hand. They were in good condition, but not very pretty. 
It's taken me almost a year to get to this stage, but I finally took to them with a screw driver and pliers, then a staple gun. I am very happy with the results! 

Removing staples 


After and before... 

Not quite finished here... 

I think they look amazing! 

And the Orange table cloth isn't bad ;)

This morning I've been working on another project that seems to have been going on forever, the Prayer Board. 

I've printed, traced, ironed, cut, re-cut and placed... Next will be a touch of glue and a LOT of handsewing, followed by affixing fabric to board! 

I'm still working on exactly where the words should sit. 

The prayers will be written on cards and put in yellow envelops like the one in the picture above. They will be pegged with pink pegs that are attached to the board by magnet. 
I'm really excited to get this finished! It'll add colour to the room as well as reminding us to pray. 

I've also attached the hooks back onto the wall hanger thing that I painted yellow. I believe now I need to get some green things and a drill so it can be screwed into the wall! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sneaky plants!

My plants are sneaky! Here's what they were hiding yesterday. 


(This plant came from the same punnet..) 

I spy a carrot! 

And a tiny little tomato! 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Table and chairs...

An orange square and a yellow square- table cloths! 

Rectangles for couch cushions! 

6 pink linen squares - cloth serviettes! 

Four "floral" polyester rectangles - cushions for the outdoor setting! 

With a few 1/2 days coming up at work, I can see a lot of projects being finished very soon! 

This morning in my garden..

The coriander is seeding

The basil is flowering

The oregano wants a bigger pot

The baby spinach is doing it's own thing

The capsicum are flowering and fruiting 

Little baby capsicum! 

Tomatoes are flourishing

Tomatoes are waiting to be planted 

Tomatoes are aurviving dog wee... 

My rose companion plant lost it's rose but is flowering! 

And my rose has a bud! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finished purse parade

Hooray! I love them all! The last one has already been given as a gift and I believe has a truly loving home! 
The rest will be potentially for sale at the next local markets (although, not the markets that is only a few days away)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden love

I love my snow peas!!

A forest of carrots keeps the capsicum plant cosy 

The chilli is peppered with tiny white flowers

A happy pot of capsicums

Funny looking baby spinach. Not sure what's going on, but happy to wait and see (lots of flower looking things??) 

The friendly neighborhood flock of flamingoes

Thai basil

Coriander (so yum!!)

Greek oregano 



And the surviving rose! My second rose has turned her toes up, very sad. 

The oregano, basil and coriander have already become my favourites when cooking (which is why I chose those three!) and I'm looking forward to the tomato crop once it begins! I gave them all a good drink of seasol the other day, I am also going to look into some mulch this weekend to keep the water in the soil.