Thursday, October 03, 2013

My most amazing ROCKSTAR Boyfriend.


Brad Holder's Stay the Night Music video is FINALLY released!!
I'm a bit super excited 

a) Because he's amazing, and 
b) Because I'm in the video too :D
Watch this video, share it with EVERYONE you know, and let me know how much you love it!

His song is also available on iTunes and Triple J Unearthed... Basically everywhere....

And check out his official >>>website<<<!!! 

And sign up for triple j unearthed to give him a review! Seriously, it helps SO much in pushing him up the unearthed charts! >>This<< is his profile!

Then of course, grab it on iTunes!

And go crazy!!!

This song is the story of us, and it's so special to me. It's become an amazing part of who we are, both the lyrics themselves, and the production of the song and clip have been adventures for us. I know I'm biased, but my guy is amazing, and I would love for the rest of the world to know that!

In the words of my man... Peace out!!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Hanging By A Moment (Lifehouse Cover) - Portbound Festival 2013

Earlier this year my amazing man performed at Portbound in Hedland. This is one of the songs he did.
His music video for his first single will be out soon! Stay Posted!
As for me... I've bought a few patterns for making clothes and a purse, and I'm hanging out for the end of semester still! Assignment due Monday and Exam Tuesday... It's going to be a LONG weekend!
I hope your weekend is better than mine!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Study isn't going so well today... May as well make the most of my lack of concentration... 
Work in Progress... Rusted out Holden near Cossack, WA
My paints are packed up for the semester, but I started this project just before Uni started again. It's based on a photo taken by one of my friends. It doesn't do the photo any justice at all! Check his stuff out: he sells prints and canvases and stuff, send him a PM on Facebook if you're interested and he will be more than happy to sort you out!
So the painting... Oil paint on 6mm MDF, 600 x 900mm. I usually paint on canvas, it's fun to work with the different texture.

Despite the fact I'm on a painting ban, Riot Art had a sale on the other day... Buy $50 worth of canvas and get $50 of paints free... any paints... So I bought 2 $28 canvases and claimed my $48.90 of free paints! Better yet, there were 150ml tubes of paint on clearance for $4 instead of $15! I ended up with a couple...

I'm a poor student, so I'm back living at home and bludging off my parents. This means all of the things I accumulated when not living at home are crammed into one room... Including my half-finished painting collection...
Carefully stacked (Crammed) into the corner behind the book shelf... 
One day I'll get around to finishing and selling them... Hopefully...

I don't remember what this flower is called... 
Aside from painting, I like photography. I have a lot to learn, my skills are still quite basic. I have a Canon 450D and a macro lens, wide angle lens and zoom lens additional to my regular lens. Another hobby that has been put in the cupboard for the duration of semester. I love photographing landscapes, seascapes and flowers... Which also happens to be the things I enjoy painting... One day I hope to have enough skill to produce pictures worthy of hanging on walls... 
These are a couple from a trip to Canada in 2010.
View from Whistler Mountain, Canada
And something else I'm getting into is dress making. I've made dresses in the past, helped my sister make costumes for the various dress up parties she loves to attend, and now I'd like to make more for myself. Dresses are expensive, they are usually not quite right, and you can never find what you are looking for when you need it. So I went pattern shopping! 

Dress patterns
I may have gotten a little carried away... But excited none the less!

So I might try some more study... I've procrastinated long enough...

Friday, August 02, 2013

So... A Blog.....

Inspired by the amazing Mama Mishi, I have decided to blog. I have a website for my art, but I think it'll work better with a "progress & projects" focus here, and a mostly finished focus there... And this can be all my projects, not just painting!
So, aside from the 5 units I'm studying at uni, I like to paint, sew, take photos, and drink tea.
I'm studying Medical Science at uni, externally, and I hope to be a Medical Scientist in a hospital pathology lab, and eventually I'd love to work in research!

Have you ever taken one of those personality type tests? They put science and art on opposite ends of the spectrum... An enjoyable contradiction!

I ordered some dress patterns the other day, and they arrived today! Very exciting! I can't wait to go buy fabric and start making stuff! Sadly I have an assignment due in 10 days and an exam in 11 days... The height of un-coolness. Hanging out for November 2nd - The Saturday that marks the end of semester!

Also on the go at the moment are several paintings, which have had to join the plethora of unfinished paintings in the corner of my room, and wait until semester ends.

I really should hit the books! The next post will be more interesting, I promise!

Till next time!