Thursday, October 27, 2016

52 in 52 - Book 28 - Four Legendary Kingdoms - Matthew Reilly

When my *Local Bookstore* (Kmart) didn't have this on release day, I almost exploded! I've been waiting *SO* patiently... (ok... or not)
But Brad convinced me to suck it up and get the ebook, and I'll be able to buy a hard copy sometime in the future.
This book was amazing. 24 hours (including work) from start to finish! It's Jack West Jr back on the scene - but there are surprises too big to even hint at! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

52 in 52 - book 27 - Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves - Matthew Reilly

Yes - I am impatient.
So these posts are one after the other - that's merely because my blogger app isn't working... so now I'm on the computer pumping them out. I did finish these books right at the beginning of this month! In my desperation for the new book, I devoured as many of the existing ones as I could!

Now, an army of thieves... this one couldn't be political could it? Oh yes. Once again it's a fight for global power, and a blame game on another nation!
The spoilers are too great for this one - the threat is the entire northern hemisphere being incinerated. Can Scarecrow possibly fix this... after what he's been through?

Can I survive until the 4 Legendary Kingdoms is released?!

52 in 52 - book 26 - Scarecrow - Matthew Reilly

The adventures are never ending! ANOTHER million mile a minute read from Matthew Reilly!
This book was also a bit special as it marked half way to my goal! While 52 books is my ultimate goal, making it half way seems like a huge achievement in the busy life I lead!
As always, Matthew Reilly is amazing and I loved this book - again! Who is Scarecrow saving the world from this time? The Majestic 12 - a group of the world's richest men, conducting a bounty hunt to kill 15 targets - Scarecrow amongst them - who are the only people who can disarm a high-tech missile system... the type of missile system the majestic 12 are hoping to destabilise the world order with, by making imitation bombs from various counties, and firing them on their enemies...

Does Scarecrow save the day? At what cost?

I love this book!

52 in 52 - book 25 - Area 7 - Matthew Reilly

Keeping with the trend - and because I was on an adventure high - I decided to keep reading the other Matthew Reilly books whilst I waited *ever so patiently* for the 4 Legendary Kingdoms to be released. While Jack West Jr is an Aussie ex-SAS set on saving the world from ending - and usually against the big powers of the globe, Scarecrow is a US Marine, as tough and determined as Jack West, fighting equally hard against the big powers of the globe.
Area 7 is top secret. After some embarrassing situations for the US Marines, they need to keep Scarecrow out of the media's reach - What better way than an assignment on the President's helicopter! The President is on a routine visit to the top secret facilities, Area 8 - where a new space project is underway, and then Area 7 - where bioweapon testing is going. Unbeknown to anyone the team is not working for the President any more. Scarecrow and his team have to keep the President alive while teams of highly trained and biologically enhanced soldiers try to kill him - BUT there is another factor - should the President's heart stop, 14 bombs will go off across America, due to a radio transmitter implanted in the President's heart during lung surgery years earlier...

An awesome read. I loved it! I'll read it again and again!