Friday, August 02, 2013

So... A Blog.....

Inspired by the amazing Mama Mishi, I have decided to blog. I have a website for my art, but I think it'll work better with a "progress & projects" focus here, and a mostly finished focus there... And this can be all my projects, not just painting!
So, aside from the 5 units I'm studying at uni, I like to paint, sew, take photos, and drink tea.
I'm studying Medical Science at uni, externally, and I hope to be a Medical Scientist in a hospital pathology lab, and eventually I'd love to work in research!

Have you ever taken one of those personality type tests? They put science and art on opposite ends of the spectrum... An enjoyable contradiction!

I ordered some dress patterns the other day, and they arrived today! Very exciting! I can't wait to go buy fabric and start making stuff! Sadly I have an assignment due in 10 days and an exam in 11 days... The height of un-coolness. Hanging out for November 2nd - The Saturday that marks the end of semester!

Also on the go at the moment are several paintings, which have had to join the plethora of unfinished paintings in the corner of my room, and wait until semester ends.

I really should hit the books! The next post will be more interesting, I promise!

Till next time!