Saturday, September 27, 2014


I wasn't overly fond of the dining chairs we bought second hand. They were in good condition, but not very pretty. 
It's taken me almost a year to get to this stage, but I finally took to them with a screw driver and pliers, then a staple gun. I am very happy with the results! 

Removing staples 


After and before... 

Not quite finished here... 

I think they look amazing! 

And the Orange table cloth isn't bad ;)

This morning I've been working on another project that seems to have been going on forever, the Prayer Board. 

I've printed, traced, ironed, cut, re-cut and placed... Next will be a touch of glue and a LOT of handsewing, followed by affixing fabric to board! 

I'm still working on exactly where the words should sit. 

The prayers will be written on cards and put in yellow envelops like the one in the picture above. They will be pegged with pink pegs that are attached to the board by magnet. 
I'm really excited to get this finished! It'll add colour to the room as well as reminding us to pray. 

I've also attached the hooks back onto the wall hanger thing that I painted yellow. I believe now I need to get some green things and a drill so it can be screwed into the wall!