Friday, October 10, 2014

Arts Summit

Today was the last day at work for two weeks! YAY!
Next week we are off on an exciting adventure to the middle of WA - Kalgoorlie!
What is it, You may ask, that we adventure to this great land for? Why the Regional Arts Australia Summit! Days upon days of people from all over the arts world, gathering in one place and sharing their incredible knowledge. I must say I'm pretty excited. 
I've never been to anything like it before, and as a result I am a bit nervous, what will it be like? Who will I know? Who will I talk to? What should I wear? 
But I know once I'm there it'll be amazing. And Brad has helped me choose some dresses from my wardrobe that he thinks will be awesome conference attire, he's pretty awesome. 
I am hoping that when I get back from the conference I'll be really pumped up and motivated to produce some incredible art works- it's been a while since any inspiration took physical form. 
I'm also looking forward to hearing about the way that regional artists market themselves and their work. 

To "celebrate" the occasion, I've signed up to Twitter, apparently everything at conferences is in Twitter. So I'm @jacquicopeman on Twitter if you feel the desire to follow