Friday, May 23, 2014

Rainy Day Post...

It has been a long time since I've managed to get here to post, sorry about that! I have been up and down the coast between Hedland and Perth, across the country to NSW and back, and I've been studying and creating.
All three of the purses and the bag in the previous post were received by their new owners and are very loved! Such a delight to know that the sewing that brings me joy can also bring joy to others.

Most recently I've been working on some overdue Mother's Day presents, overdue because Mum is always around! I'm making a mug rug for my Mum and my Partner's Mum. I'm hand embroidering their names and a little tea cup for them.
I'll be putting a light wadding in them, a backing and binding them. I'd like to make a whole lot more of these, they are cute and fun, not to mention useful!
Mug Rugs for Mother's Day
I've been knitting too! I have fallen in love with tea cosies! I am hosting a morning tea next month for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, to raise money for the Cancer Council. For this I have made 2 cosies, both adorned with a lovely knitted daffodil. These were made from the free pattern by Loani Prior
I had to adjust this for my funny shaped tea pot, but it wasn't hard once I got the hang of it!
Tall Cosy

Baggy Cosy

Ran out of wool a few rows before the end...
And once I worked out how the pattern worked I decided it needed to be pink and tasselled!

From this I wanted to make a little cosy for my mug, keep my tea warm in my mug too!

I also found a free pattern for some shorts (I'll have to find the link for you) but I'm sure if you google it you'll be able to find it! They are called sailor shorts.
I found some board shorts material in Mum's stash with cute little crabs all over! I've made up the shorts... except the buttons, I still have some work to do on my button holes before I'm willing to try them out on my shorts! I've also started making a pair for a very beautiful friend of mine... 

Crabby Pants

Button Hole attempts
And the last projects for this long overdue blog are two half finished dresses. The first is a 50's style that I love! (Black and red floral dress in an earlier post has the pattern number) I found some gorgeous floral fabric for $4/m. I need to buy a zipper and then sew in the lining and the hem, but so far, I LOVE IT!

I need to buy more fabric to make a lining for the final dress that I'm working on, the lining fabric I have is about 5cm too short! 
(The bottom fabric)
Pattern C

And what better to finish off then 9 more purses that have been cut out! I need to buy interfacing, then the production line will begin! Purses for all!

 I've also got a possible order for some bags and purses - VERY exciting and a little scary! I haven't got any details on how many she wants or colours. I'm doing my homework on pricing and stuff too.

Happy crafting everyone!!!