Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sewing up a storm!

Well, the bad news is that Mum's amazing sewing machine has a funky spring in the bobbin case which means it is out of commission at the moment until a new part arrives. The good news is that the second hand overlocker I was given a while ago is also in getting a service so pretty soon I'll have an overlocker to use!! 

Today I dragged out the Elna "Sew Fun" and had some fun. 
I've finished off the mug rugs. I didn't use bias binding for the edges, they are far from perfect, but I have learnt a lot and the next ones I make will be better! 

I DID make my own bias binding today, it was a proud moment filled with burned fingers... Ironing fabric makes it hot for some reason... 
And the beautiful bias is now attached to a pair of sailor shorts for a friend. 
They are waiting on buttons, as are the crabby pants I made for myself (still!)

I've also been dreaming up a laptop bag, and I've started making a prototype. I need to buy zippers and some sliders to make the strap adjustable. 
I'm working on a zipper pocket on the back and one on the front side on the inside; an iPad size pocket and 2 smaller pockets on the back side of the lining; and a medium size pocket on the outside on the front. 
The final product will be interfaced for strength and durability. 
The real estate section is always great for drafting patterns! 

I'm knitting a beanie for my Dad, he's working FIFO, so high-vis clothing is just part of life... I couldn't resist when I found this wool! 
It's acrylic, not wool, which is a shame. But good fun none the less. 

And tonight, I've found that blogger has an app, making it even easier to post! Hopefully this will mean I will post more often. 

Happy creating everyone!