Thursday, January 14, 2016

52 in 52 - book 4 - Flash - Rachel Anne Ridge

15 minutes into the 14th day of the year, I've finished my 4th book! Flash is the story of a homeless donkey who single handedly turned the lives of a Texan family upside down when he appeared late one night on their long driveway, beaten up and belonging to no one. As time passed and no one claimed him, he was given the name Flash, and became part of the family. Through the ups and downs of family life, Rachel tells her own story. When life seems to hit rock bottom, she observes the incredible resilience of the scruffy but charming Flash, and finds a number of God truths she needs for her life mirrored in the way that Flash lives his. A heartwarming and at times heartbreaking true story, laughter and tears! This book will definitely be read again, more than once!!