Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Back to reality

Well, it's been days since I last read a book! After our little trip down south we had to venture quite a way inland to avoid the devastating fires that have torn through the South West, even so we were surrounded by massive clouds of smoke, colouring the sunlight an ominous yellow. 

Once we were back in Perth we had a day to sort ourselves out, finish all those last minute jobs, and pack the car- ready for the 18hr drive on Saturday. 
This photo, the half way mark! Accompanied by a delicious service station pie! 

Getting home just in time to run into Woolworths and grab easy but healthy(ish) dinner and then flaked out after a massive journey. But it was really Brad who did all the work, I was just there for the ride. He is a legend. 
A legend who is sick of me taking photos. 

Church on Sunday, and rediscovery of all the Christmas gifts we were blessed with, but having left town the following day, it was like Christmas all over again. The tree came down, and the cleaning up after Christmas/holidays is... Well, it's started... 
Back at work Monday, but Monday night I managed to pull out another book and start reading a little. 
It's tough coming back to work after a super wonderful and relaxing 2 weeks off, but getting back into the rhythm of things is great. 

I hope your day is equally great!