Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden love

I love my snow peas!!

A forest of carrots keeps the capsicum plant cosy 

The chilli is peppered with tiny white flowers

A happy pot of capsicums

Funny looking baby spinach. Not sure what's going on, but happy to wait and see (lots of flower looking things??) 

The friendly neighborhood flock of flamingoes

Thai basil

Coriander (so yum!!)

Greek oregano 



And the surviving rose! My second rose has turned her toes up, very sad. 

The oregano, basil and coriander have already become my favourites when cooking (which is why I chose those three!) and I'm looking forward to the tomato crop once it begins! I gave them all a good drink of seasol the other day, I am also going to look into some mulch this weekend to keep the water in the soil.