Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I decided last year that my brother needed an 8' squid for his 19th birthday.
And it should be made of minkee.
So on to my dear friend I ventured, and ordered away far more than I needed!
I followed THIS tutorial and with a lot of help from my Best Friend over at With A Boat Full Of Friends we made up the prototype, which just happens to be yellow, my favourite colour!
I was very lazy and didn't sew up the stuffing hole for about 4 months after he was completed, but now, here he is! In his couch sitting, partner eating glory!

In the mean time, I did get the squid for my brother made, in time (almost) for his birthday in November.

Sewing up the stuffing holes
My helper... I finished it ON his birthday,
so he helped....

 My picture formatting is being a pain, so the photos are all out of order... Hopefully you can work it out.
Snuggly squids, what more could you need!