Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I have been looking into stuff and trying to work things out.
I have SO MANY unfinished paintings, and no space for storage, so I need to finish them and sell them. Excellent. Once I have my mess sorted out (no, that's still not done post-wall painting) I will make it my mission to start pumping out finished paintings!
I discovered a wonderful mecca of incredible artwork, where artists put up their work to sell! I've joined up, but as none of my finished works are wonderfully photographed, I haven't uploaded anything. The site is Very awesome.

I stumbled across this site through >THIS< YouTube video. I have been researching the best way to get awesome photos of artwork, I found LOTS of very expensive equipment that I need, but also this helpful little youtube clip which provides a much less expensive method! (Probably with proportionally less amazing results, but awesome none the less!)

Another helpful document I found was >>THIS ONE<<. It covers the techniques for photographing, computer editing, canvas printing, varnishing and stretching a print of your art work. This is something else I've been really interested in, so it was great to read this and store it away! (bookmarked for convenience)

Also on the agenda today was looking into getting a job. I finished up my 5 week relief stint at the lab last week and uni starts again on Monday, so I'm looking for a full time casual job? Or something like that. I have strict instructions from my Partner saying I need to get a job in the arts. Regardless of the fact I'm studying science. And you know what? I think that's exciting!
I've looked at etc. and haven't managed to find anything non-managerial, so I'll make my resume all shiny and go visit some places! I'd like to work at Jackson's Drawing Supplies, or Riot Art and Craft, or maybe an art gallery or something. The Art Gallery of WA has a volunteer program, so it's unlikely that they'll hire many people in paid positions, but it might be fun anyway! 

Yesterday ended well, I went to buy stationary at officeworks and "accidently" ended up with some new supplies...
White sketch book, black sketch book, heavy oil painting paper book

Yellow notebook for me, green for Uni work

Pens for uni, pencils for me!
  And I decided to make use of my new purchases ASAP! So I stopped at the beach on the way home...
What a view!

I'm working on sketching, I don't feel that I am very good at drawing what I see, and this was a fun exercise. The camera had a slightly different perspective than me, but similar...

Then my sister insisted I go shopping with her, and I ended up buying Renaissance, which is awesome!! So... I need to get a job with all this buying I'm doing!!

Tomorrow hopefully the sewing machine will get a work out!