Thursday, March 06, 2014

Busy Busy!

What a wonderful few days it has been! I've been drawing, painting and sewing!
I've sketched my rose, in my black sketch book

I've worked on some of my dresses

Lining and zipper to go

Zipper and buttons to go

And I finally started working on my stash of half finished paintings!

Mountains in Colorado, promised to a friend a few years ago...

The mess

Rock of Ages in Port Hedland, on a beautiful overcast day

A very old painting of Table Mountain and Cape Town


"POP ART" Water Lily & reflection

PRS Mira - My Partner's true love haha

Sunset over low tide in Port Hedland

A wonderful Corona Ad I found...

and again...
So I haven't been following the advice I found and posted about, taking the best photos of my art... but these really were just photos of my progress, so I can see how the painting is taking shape.

Any feedback is welcome. Have a wonderful day!