Sunday, February 14, 2016

52 in 52 - Book 7 - The Life Left Behind - Edith Copeman

I was privileged enough to be the first one to read the first draft of this book, written by none other than my sister. My real-life-author, little sister. I am so proud of her. I read this as a ebook from iBooks, but it's also available to order online as a paperback or beautiful hardcover book.

This book tells a fictional tale on a very non-fictional topic - Mental Health. In Australia, and from what I understand many other countries and cultures around the world, mental health is stigmatised enormously. This actually exacerbates many mental health issues, balloons the issue quickly as the person doesn't feel they can get help to deal with it without judgement or being ostracised by those they love... And often times they are right.

The Life Left Behind covers addiction, depression, anxiety, guilt, and much more. I know more than a couple of John Green books grace the author's library, and his very raw and relatable style is echoed as the characters come to life on her pages. 

I wouldn't give this book to a child or young teen, but I urge everyone else to read it. We need to embrace those around us who need our help, and that means the mental health stigma needs to go. There is no place for it.