Friday, February 12, 2016

Farewell with Water Dreaming

 In a transient town, it's always sad to see people go, but even more so when it's been more than a few years that they have been around. 
We said see you later to our friend, Brad's boss, who has made it to over 4.5yrs, but needs to be in the city with her family, so unfortunately that means saying goodbye. 

With my beautiful Nina ready to go, I (last minute, of course) decided it was not proper if she left town without a beautiful purse, it's almost tradition as her boss received one too! 
So late night fabric stash raiding, turning the place upside down to find enough supplies (mental note: write down what you've run out of... Saves time when searching... And frustration when ordering...) 
And the wheels were in motion. Life doesn't get any less busy just because you decide to make a thing... Oh no, it's still full of commitments. So there were a couple of frustrating late nights in which I was far too tired to do anything very productive, but I did get the fabrics cut out. For some, that's the hardest bit. 

I ordered two fabrics from Alice Springs a couple of years ago, both Indigenous artwork prints. They are stunning, this one is called Water Dreaming. And the blue/purple is the remainder from another purse lining... Just enough, but it was such a stunning contrast! 

I had my first upset bobbin with Nina, making loops upon loops of thread, without the bobbin thread being engaged at all... I must have been too frustrated at the time because when I went back to it later it was an easy fix. 

So off we went, Nina proving that her price tag was testament to her quality, she is lovely to sew with. In "no time" it was coming together! 

Another decision- which purse closure to use?! Boyfriend to the rescue! He chose one that looked great, however it worked differently than any other closure I had inserted, and required the cutting of a much larger hole in the purse... Never something easy to do when it's practically finished and looking amazing...

But while I was cutting, fray-checking, glueing, and screwing, Brad was cooking dinner. This is powerful motivation to finish the job! 

So I present to you, NCW number 37: 

Front - you can see the lock folds down (usually I use twist-locks)

Inside. The colours came together beautifully. 

And beautiful Vron, you will be missed!