Sunday, July 27, 2014

The garden overhaul has begun!

It was very remiss of me not to have taken "before" photos, but none the less, the makeover has begun! 
I am so happy to have a working lawn mower, even when the lawn didn't look too bad, a quick mow and it looks a million bucks :) 
After the mowing, I cut down the 4 coffee bean trees that were growing in the front yard. They are a horrible weed and I'm going to try poison them with roundup, but if that doesn't work, I'll have to buy some poison to finish them off. 
Our wonderful neighbour saw me in the garden and offered to take anything to the tip if I needed, as he was planning on going anyway. Such a God send! He hadn't even seen all the tree cuttings I had  piled up on the driveway. It really was such a blessing!  
I then spent a couple of hours pulling out weeds filling up a whole garden bag, until the sun was enjoying my skin too much. There is still a lot of grass in the garden bed, which will need some roundup, but I promise it's soooo amazing compared to what it had been. 

My bag of weeds got got... 

After an invigorating shower (due to no gas meaning no hot water) I set off on another adventure... Plant hunting! 

I love the idea of some wild hibiscus to put in pots along the front and back fences. Something to create a screen for some privacy and also be beautiful. 

Off I went to nursery #1... Only to find it's shut down, very sad, I loved it there! 
Nursery #2 had a big sign out the front - "we've moved!" 
I did locate them in the end, and I didn't find any wild hibiscus, or any similar plants that inspired me. The fruit trees were tempting, but at $55 each, they were more than I needed to spend on plants that weren't on the shopping list. 

I did however find a pallet on the way in, marked "clearance, prices as marked" and two twiggy plants with familiar shaped leaves. And $2 scrawled on their pots.... 
And as a result, I rescued 2 chameleon roses! Apparently these tiny roses change colour, yellows, pinks, reds, oranges and whites. They aren't fragrant, which is a huge shame to me, how can you stop to smell roses that don't smell? 
But I will love them and hope they flourish! 

My other plants are doing well- the chilli plant even has a flower!! 

My lovely helper!