Sunday, July 06, 2014

Packing day

Tomorrow is road trip day! It's been a stressful afternoon attempting to cram all of my worldly possessions into my tiny car, but my super hero, rock star boyfriend managed to make the majority of it fit (yay) some things didn't make the cut- such as my rose cuttings. I'm hoping that mum will be able to keep them alive for me. My paintings in progress didn't fit either, but my paints have, so I'll just have to start fresh. 

Before packing we had a wonderful morning at church, c3 joondalup were incredibly hospitable and both the worship and fellowship were heartwarming and inspiring. From there we took a lovely stroll around bunnings, picking up a piece of MDF for a project we have planned (stick around, all will be revealed) and then in to the city to pick up a router for my Rockstar's new sound desk, and get the battery replaced in my phone (exciting!) 

Since my last post I have actually managed to do some crafting, I finished off this dress FINALLY! 
Sorry about the blurry photo. This is before I finished the hem I think. As soon as it was done I had to rush out, proper "complete" photos to come! 

And I have 3/4 finished a little roll for my sewing supplies. I think there may be a tutorial for this one day- keep watching this space! 

The next 2 days will be driving, then back to work and it'll take time to get myself sorted out and back into the swing of things. I haven't deserted you, I'll just be temporarily offline! 
God bless!