Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Garden!

Today was my first pay day in many months, I was so excited to see money in my bank account! So, as soon as my lunch break came, I was off to the hardware store!

4 bags of potting mix (put in my car by the lovely young man at the Home Hardware)
1 tub of fertiliser
1 tiny trowel
1 pack of tomato stakes
1 pruning saw
1 hacksaw

Photobombed by a big puppy nose!

I (safely) rushed home and remembered how crooked the driveway is as I reversed my car up to the gate... If I had to go any further than that with the potting mix, it would have had to wait until someone strong came to help! 
I potted like a mad woman! My lunch break was ticking away, but my beautiful little plants needed proper pots, and it could wait no longer! 
Gardening gloves on and handy new trowel, no one could stop me!

A little fertilizer, some water, and a prime position on the edge of the patio. 

Leaving just enough time to scoff some left overs for lunch and hurry back to work. (And I made it pretty much on time! Yay!) 

After work I used my trusty new hack saw to cut some curtain rod to length to fit in the windows by the doors in the living room. Mum was bored one day, so worked on getting the sheer curtins the right width and hemming them for me. 
And here we are, terrible photos, but they will do for now! 

Just enough to let the light in, but make it harder for people to see in. Especially if there is light outside. :)