Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday madness!

I had an AWESOME day! 
My millinery order arrived at lunch time 
(But not the flowers) 
As well as some white trim which somehow avoided this photo which was thrown in complimentary. It's so wonderful, I'm so excited to play and create! 
My fabric order should also be here this week, apparently not until Friday though :( there are a few more bits in that for my fascinating fascinator encounter! 

Also WE HAVE HOT WATER AGAIN! Right after writing this out, I'm off for the best shower I've had in seemingly forever! 

And! This arvo I knocked off work, did the food shopping, then got stuck into the piles of leaves, branches, and rubbish in the back yard, and weeding the gravel beside the lawn. So rewarding! Rippy helped, as always. 

Helpful Rippy is chewing up his treasures, eventually they might even fit in the bin! 

I'd love to compost more, but our gardens are a foot deep in rocks, which doesn't lend itself to mulching all that well... So I'll do my best just to keep the rocks tidy instead! 

Happy Monday! Have an awesome Tuesday!