Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sewing Saturday!

I was home alone all day yesterday- I made the most of it!! 
4 half finished purses have been completed, 1 I had pre-cut is finished and another is waiting on a zipper to finish the last pocket. 
I started another, but after a wonky seam at 1am I thought my brain probably wasn't putting in enough effort. 

My beautiful old Elna was struggling to puncture the layers of fabric, despite a new needle, I think she may have been warm after extended use, so I decided to make a knit dress on the overlocker to give my girl some cool down time! I have much to learn on the overlocker, I know it's capable of so much, but it needs a better driver than me to achieve that. 
Little Elna doesn't have a "knit stitch" so I used a zig zag to turn the neck and arm hole hems, it looks a bit funny, but I'm not sure how else I can achieve that with what I have. 

"SwampJuice" by Bunk Puppets was on at the theatre yesterday evening, it was a hilarious shadow puppet show with a 3D bit!!! It was awesome, and incredible to have good ol' red and green 3D glasses and lights and stuff! 

More photos will be taken at some point....