Friday, June 13, 2014

Order's here!!

My fabric order arrived! Very excited! I've been busily cutting out the interfacing pieces for my custom purse and bag order, waiting (not so) patiently for my fabric to arrive! And this morning the wonderful man from UPS bought it to me at about 10am yay!
Here it is!
Purple, Pink, Yellow, and green matching sets waiting to happen!
Twist Locks!

Outdoor table cloth! And a sly photobombing Corona bottle that's waiting to become a pot for a cactus!

Since I was cutting interfacing anyway, I thought I better pull out the fabric I had cut for purses to sell, which is now mostly interfaced, only the pockets left to go! Once my exam is done on Tuesday the production line will begin!
Production line of purses to sell
And after a bit of cutting, I have calico to top all of my mug rugs, and coloured fabrics for backing, A bit of hand embroidery and they will be wonderful!
Mug rugs waiting to be embroidered!