Sunday, June 01, 2014

Belated Christmas project.

My brother asked for a zebra and a giraffe for Christmas. When he asks, I produce. Maybe not in a timely manner... But today, not quite 6 months late, I drew up a pattern for said zebra and pulled out some denim from my stash to make a tester.
Pretty cute I think. The pattern needs some tweaking, and I'm hoping zebra print fabric makes it look less like a cow. 
These are the fabrics I have for the final products. 
I also looked at some skirt tutorials, ignored them all and started a little pleated summer skirt. Not sure how I want to finish this yet, whether with a band or elastic, but I think I'll make shorts with the rest of the fabric! I love it!
My suspivisor, Buster, was all of a sudden camera shy! 
I've spent a great deal of today pondering the future, goals, and dreams, and plans. I'm really excited about everything, it should mean a lot more productivity!
I hope all you West Aussies are enjoying the Foundation Day (WA Day) long weekend, and everyone else had a great weekend and are gearing up for an awesome week!