Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Creativity flows like oil.

Oil paints that is... Not at all, then all at once! 
Been having a good day today, I've done some housework and listened to an awesome podcast, then decided I really needed some painting time. 
I prepared the canvases the other day, put a gesso prime over old paintings that I didn't like and couldn't fix, and sketched my basic plan onto the canvas in willow charcoal. I want to learn new painting styles, so I've been playing around with techniques to see how different things look. 

This canvas started off pale blue, dark blue with a white prime. I could have put more layers of white on, but it is interesting to start with a blue canvas and watch how things progress. I have used oil bars for this, like giant oil-paint-crayons. I have pushed the paint around a little bit with a brush, but not a whole lot. I'm going to put in a moody grey sky which should make the mountains stand out and the autumn leaves stand out ever brighter.