Friday, June 27, 2014

Another busy 24 hours

So with very little sleep I have finished 4 NCW purses, 4 teardrop bags, and 2 messenger/laptop bags of my own design- stay tuned for a tutorial when I make the next one- and 4 more purses that are waiting for zipper pockets and then they will be complete too. (I have zippers now, it's just a matter of time!) 
I met my amazing man yesterday at the airport while he had a brief stop over on the way to a conference in frosty Hobart. After that, I had a nap, back to the sewing today! 

My Star Wars lined laptop bag! I got the Star Wars fabric from etsy well over a year ago, all this time it's been waiting to be made into a bag! I bought batman fabric at the same time, which was made into a bag for my man almost straight away, after being used every day since, it's looking a bit worse for wear, so I managed to find some Power Rangers fabric, also from etsy. 

I finished making it with just enough time to shower and meet him at the airport for lunch between flights. When he returns from the conference I'll make sure I get better photos than just this one! 

Yellow, green, purple and pink matching bag/purse sets! Plus 4 (mostly pink) purses waiting for their zipper pockets. 

I was getting a bit fancy with my top stitching... 

And then realized I had failed to put the magnetic snap in the flap before attaching it. 
Major frustration. 
So, I unpicked the top of the flap in hope that I could just top stitch it back, good as new... 

Weeelllll.... It isn't quite good as new, back to the drawing board... 

I slept in the kitchen last night, little foam mattress on the floor, because my poor puppy (13 1/2 years old is still a puppy) isn't well, and needed help getting up to go out every hour or so- he would do the same for me if I was sick. 
He seems to be feeling a bit better this morning. 
Beautiful puppy last night <3