Monday, June 16, 2014

Exciting achievements!

Despite mum's overlocker being serviced at the same time as mine it's playing up and is noisy, today it feels like there's no power at all, it was struggling!! So I pulled out my never-used-by-me overlocker that I *may* have been slightly scared of, I had to re thread one of the 4 cottons as the spool had only about a meter left one it (and then re thread it again because I didn't pull the thread through far enough... Doh!) and I OVERLOCKED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! A very small achievement, but oh so exciting to be over that fear! And here is my proof: 

Now mum can use my overlocker to finish what she is doing, and while hers goes back to the shop for a "please explain". But I had to use it first. And I'm so happy. 

I am actually studying somewhat successfully today, although it feels like it could be lunch time soon. Exam tomorrow, I can't wait until it's over! 

I had to clean up our dining room yesterday, packed up all the excess mess and hid it away in the sewing corner... I thought an effective way to condense the mess was to finish interfacing my "projects" pile. 

9 purses that aren't part of the custom order. 

Now they are all in a pile, all the pieces for 4 bags and 13 purses (photo soon) all interfaced. 
I do still need to cut fabric for my zipper pocket for each bag, and buy zippers for 9 purses... But the mess is hidden until tomorrow night!